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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The secret of creating wealth.

A lot of people desires wealth, to be like the Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Carlos Slim, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Aliko Dangote and others. But the truth is that they lack the ideas of what it takes to create wealth. If you take a look at all the world billionaires, you'll discover that they have one thing in common, and that is "value". In essence, for you to be able to create wealth, you must first create value. This is the only secret to creating wealth. When you create value or create something that adds value to people's lives, wealth will naturally come. So, rather than thinking about making wealth, first, think of how to add value to lives. You don't create wealth by thinking about making wealth, but by creating value.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

How To Create Wealth Starting A Road Transportation Company Business In Nigeria.

The aim of this blog is to make research and bring to fore great and lucrative business ideas that are trending and turns you into a millionaire or even a billionaire within a short period. When i'm not posting frequently on this blog, or you visit my blog without seeing a new post, does not mean i'm unserious or not working. It simply means, i'm spending a better part of my time researching new and trending business ideas that when you pick up the courage to invest in it, you'll never regret it because it is a money spinner in no distant time. It is absolutely not easy to find or come up with a lucrative business idea that will turn you into a millionaire in a short while of investing in it. Hence, the need to take time to critically examine, analyse the business potentials and if it meets the needs of the immediate environment before bringing it here. Forget all those blogs and websites that bombards you with old and numerous business ideas that cannot guarantee you success because they're outdated, less in demand and highly competitive. Not every business you invest your hard earned capital into can guarantee you success, how much more creating wealth from it. The truth is that the world is dynamic, times are changing and insatiable human wants are changing with the time. Similarly, business trends are changing and there are new and emerging markets. So if you invest in a business that's not in tune with the present reality or a business with less market but very high competition, you're bound to loose at the end. So, before going into any business, you must ensure that such business is in conformity with the present day reality and meets the needs of a large market of people. Having said that, today in this topic, i want to share with you another business idea or sector that's trending in Nigeria and most developing countries, particularly in Africa. Transportation business is a very lucrative business to invest in, in Nigeria. This business has a very high Return On Investment within a very short time and can make you a billionare within 5 to 10 years of investing in it. Probably, you might have been ignorantly indifferent towards this business, or you always develop cold-feet in starting it, and may be you think you require huge capital invest-ment to start it. No, you can actually start a transportation company business from scratch without even owning a car, all you need is wisdom, dedication and patience to make it happen. Why is this business so lucrative inspite of the fact that a lot of people are into it already? The Transportation business is very lucrative in Nigeria especially, because of our population. And this is one key advantage Nigeria has over every other developing countries in the world. The fact is that the more our population, the more people are likely to be conveyed from one place to another, and nigerians likes movement and travelling a lot. Inspite of the fact that so many people are into this business already, the business still thrives because of increase in our population and also because some people are adventuroulistic by nature. They do not like to stick to a particular transport company, they like trying out any new system that comes into the market. This is one of the main reason why this business is very lucrative in Nigeria. The second reason is that Nigeria and some other african countries has so many developing cities, with high economic and commercial activities going on in those cities. And people on daily basis moves from one city or town to another to work or transact their business. Cities like: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Onitsha, Aba in Nigeria, and Accra, Yaounde, Duala, Nairobi etc, in Ghana, Cameroun and Kenya respectively are developing cities with very high commercial activities and economic prospects that any transportation business can succeed in. Hence, starting a transportation business in these developing cities is a sure way to creating wealth for yourself. And the development of any modern city depends on the quality of its transport systems. These are my two major reasons why this business is very lucrative. How do you start your transportation company business? You can start from scratch, without owning a car. All you need is to look for someone who's ready to give out his or her car or bus on a hire purchase basis. When you have recovered the agreed amount within that period of time, the vehicle automatically becomes your own. And you can start from there and increase the number of the vehicle as time goes on. You must ensure you're doing the transporting yourself in order to succeed from it. When you've acquired up to 5 transport vehicles, you can then register your transport company, to be in full business. But if you're planning on starting this business on a small or medium scale level, you can start with 3 vehicles and later increase it to 10 or as many as possible. Wish you luck in your endeavour to start this business!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Best Business Investment Opportunities To Invest In Nigeria.

Are you a foreign investor looking for the best business opportunity to invest your money in Nigeria? Or are you a nigerian with a good capital but still confused of the most lucrative business ideas to invest your money into? Finding or deciding on the right business opportunity to invest in can be very tasking for most aspiring entrepreneurs. Hence, you need someone who has lived in that particular area you want to invest in for a long time to tell you some of the best business opportunities and markets available in that area, so that you don't make the mistake of investing your money into the wrong business. Having lived in major cities across Nigeria, like: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Owerri and some other developing cities for a very long time, i can without any iota of doubt tell you the best businesses that if you invest your money in, you'll never regret it, because they have a very high return on investment (ROI) within a short time. Although, Nigeria is passing through difficult economic times because of the crash in the price of crude oil. This may scare some foreign investors from coming to invest in Nigeria. But it is a blessing in disguise because it will make us look inwards to discover other business opportunities to create wealth and look away from crude oil. This may not be the best time for any nigerian entreprener to invest in the country because of high cost of things and inflation, due to the dwindling revenue. But if there's anytime any foreign investor should invest in Nigeria, i honestly believe that this is the best. Why? You may want to ask. Because, right now, it is cheaper to bring in your hard currency and invest it here in Nigeria with great ROI. Nigeria's foreign exchange is getting weaker by the day. A US dollar to a nigerian naira is currently about 300naira, that means as the price of dollar and other major currencies like, the euros and pounds is increasing, the naira keeps decreasing. Which means that, for every 1million dollar investment capital you're bringing to invest in Nigeria, the exchange rate in Nigeria's currency is 300million naira, which is more than enough for the best investment opportunity i want to share with. Can you now see why i say this is the best time for you as a foreign investor to come in and invest in Nigeria. Now, lets go to the nitty-gritty of today's topic. I have live in this country for a very longtime and i've discovered that the best business opportunities or sector for any foreign or local investor to invest in Nigeria are: Hospitality business, entertainment, real estate business & manufacturing. This business sectors are very lucrative and they make very good money. The three main reason why these sectors remains the best are: 1. Population. Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world, with over 160million people. And this makes it a very huge market for these business sectors to thrive. 2. Fun&pleasure. Nigerians are fun loving people. We like fun so much and most people can pay any amount just to have fun, inspite of the fact that more than half of the population are poor, they still find a way to go out and have fun. Hence starting an entertainment and hospitality business, in terms of buiding a hotel, motel or brotel is definitely a very lucrative business that can make you millions and generate wealth. 3. Class hierachy. Nigeria is a highly populated country with different classes and categories of people. We have the upper class, middle class, low, lower class, and the poor. This class hierachy is also an advantage to manufacturers. Hence, there's the need for different categories of goods or services to cater to the needs of each of these various classes. While the low-class and the poor will go for cheap but not so much quality products, the upper and middle class may go for the best. This disparities makes it very imperative for you to invest in manufacturing business and produce products for both the rich and the poor. These are some of the best business investment opportunities in Nigeria you should take advantage of, as an aspiring entrepreneur. They promise a great deal, especially if started in major cities like: Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja. You'll never regret investing your money into these businesses.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

How To Create Wealth From Recycling Business.

I suppose you've heard so much about waste-to-wealth, Right? Do you know you can actually create wealth from trash through recycling? Creating something from nothing. It only takes your creative and imaginative ability to be able to create wealth from trash. Every successful business mogul and entrepreneur is a thinker with great creative and imaginative mind. In otherwords, for you to create wealth and become wealthy, your mind must always be at work on how to create something out of nothing. This is why i'm bringing this topic to you today. To draw your attention to something you seem to have forgotten or you've always taken for granted because you think it's not possible. Turning waste to wealth is very possible and it can be done, if you learn and know the nitty-gritty. Why is recycling business very lucrative? This business is very lucrative because you loose nothing, since the source of your raw material is readily available to you at very little or no cost. Recycling business is also very lucrative because you'll be helping to reduce the cost of energy required to produce a product from the raw state. You'll also be helping to reduce environmental pollution and keep your environment clean by recycling both solids and liquid waste. There are a lot of things that can be recycled. Bottles, cans, old papers can be recycled to new ones and other domestic products, like toilet tissues, paper bags etc which reduces felling of trees and helps to protect and preserve our natural environment. Satchet water, used vegetable and lubricating oils can also be recycled to new products. A lot of things in our environment can be recycled and reused to save the cost of energy. Although some recycled products may not have the same quality compared to products manufactured from the primary raw materials, but if done properly, the products can compete favourably with same products in the market. Recycling has the advantage of saving you some money by saving the cost of production. Climate change and global warming will also be reduced through recycling. If all of us can recycle and reuse every product we use in our homes, we will be saving our environment from pollution and lower our consumption of energy. Find out in your home what can be recycled and how you can recycle them. You can also search in your locality to discover some recycling companies that recycles different waste materials. You can start a recycling centre and register with those companies. Put an advert and tell people to drop their used bottles, cans, papers, vegetable and lubricating oils and other recyclable materials. When you've gathered enough of this trashes, you can take them to these companies and they'll buy them from you. Recycling business is a very lucrative business particularly in third world or developing countries. If you can't recycle the materials yourself or you lack the finance to set up a recycling company, you can start a recycling centre and be an affiliate to any recycling business organization in your area.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

How To Produce Soda Ash Locally In Nigeria.

Manufacturing business is one of the fastest growing big business in nigeria today. The country is yearning for more people to go into manufacturing, because it is the only panacea to getting out of the present economic quagmire the country has found herself. Enough of depending on crude oil and imported goods because they're contributing to Nigeria's economic woes. The country needs more manufacturing industries to produce some of our local goods with available raw materials that are in abundant, rather than spending foreign currencies in importing foreign goods that we can produce locally. If you agree with me, or you're on the same page with me an you love Nigeria, then it is time you begin to look inwards to discover what products you can start producing at the small scale level in order to contribute to the growth of our economy. The other day, i was listening to a business news on a particular radio station in Port Harcourt, saying about 29 ships are arriving the Apapa and Tin can ports in Lagos. The ships were loaded with petroleum products as usual, rice, fish and other commodities but what got me thinking was when i heard that the ship is also loaded with Soda ash. I said, waoh! Really? Soda ash? That we have abundant raw materials to produce it in excess here in Nigeria and even export to other countries. No wonder our economy keeps nose-diving, since we import virtually everything. Well, this is just to tell you that we really need to go into full scale manufacturing for this economy to come back to life because it is in a comatose state. This is why i'm bringing this post to you today, so that you can consider starting soda ash production business. Already, you know that there is a very big market for this product. Soda ash, in our local palance, is also known as potash. In chemical language, it is called sodium carbonate, with the chemical formular of Na2CO3. Industrial production of soda ash is made by heating sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) to about a temperature of 300 degree celsius to give Na2CO3+CO2+H2O. But soda ash can also be made locally from unripe plantain peels, and it will have the same quality and efficiency like the one made from the industrial process. The main constituent of any soda ash, inspite of the production process, is the amount of sodium present in the ash. And a good soda ash is expected to contain up to 84 to 94 percent of sodium in the ash. Unripe plantain peel is the only agricultural waste that can give you up to this amount of sodium in ash, know as soda ash. What is the process of making soda ash from unripe plantain peels? Get fresh unripe plantain peels, allow it several days, to dry completely. Then burn it in a clean pan until it has turned to ash, then collect the ash, which is usually white or brownish in colour, and package it in a polyethylene bag for marketing. Remember, this is a business idea that can make you millions if done and packaged the right. I urge you to try this business from your home and you'll come back to thank me. You can also make sodium hydroxide from the soda ash by hydrolising the ash and further extraction. What are the uses of soda ash? There are various uses of soda ash. It used by glass industries to produce glass. Infact, it is an essential commodity in glass and ceramic production. It is also used in making lundry/bar soaps, also used in the production of some chemical like, caustic soda or sodium hydroxide. It is used for washing dirty pots. It is also used by crude oil exploration industries. There are some of the various uses of soda ash that i can remember now. There is a big market for this product, all you need is to market it and let people know about your soda ash production business. Benefits of making soda ash from unripe plantain peels. You'll be contributing to the growth in the economy of Nigeria by helping to produce it locally. You'll also be reducing wastes, through recycling unripe plantain peels. You'll also be reducing the cost of energy by helping to reduce the amount of heat required to produce soda ash from sodium bicarbonate. These are some of the benefits of producing soda ash locally from unripe plantain peels.